Where Did Imagination Go?

(note: this is an old draft from about 2013 or so that I never posted)


When I was a kid, we took everyday objects and made them into toys. I grew up in a neighborhood with about 20 kids and we were all the same age range. You get that many kids together, and you can’t stop imagination! Continue reading

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PowerPoint and Screen Clipping: Who Knew?

I just learned this today. WHO KNEW???


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Attack Spider vs Me

Before I begin, I have to catch you up on two very important and germane facts to this story.

Fact 1) I am afraid of spiders. Petrified. Paralyzed. I’m sure you get the picture.
Fact 2) One year ago today, my husband was out-of-town, which meant I was home alone.

The accounting that follows is true.  I facebooked the entire interaction between the evil Attack Spider and myself.  I’m still not sure who won.

The setting is an ordinary bedroom in an ordinary apartment in an ordinary section of the ordinary city of San Jose.  Continue reading

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6 Word Theme: Failure Is Not A Bad Thing

Experiencing failure is not a failing.
It is your unique learning opportunity.
Failure opens you to movement forward in a slightly sideways or backwards direction.

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Six Word Theme: The Association of Learning and Performance

This post is inspired by Brian Washburn’s post A Word Cloud from 147 L&D Professionals 6 Word Memoirs. To quote him directly:

The post itself featured 6-word memoirs from 25 L&D professionals and there were a dozen or so comments with additional memoirs. I also posted this particular blog in the ATD LinkedIn discussion forum where more than 100 other L&D professionals added their own brief memoirs.

Here’s the word cloud (I created it in the shape of an apple since we’re all teachers in one way, shape or form):


If you recall, Brian said he got responses from over 100 L&D professionals from the ATD LinkedIn Forum. On May 8, 2014, ASTD changed their name to ATD.


Can you find the word talent anywhere in the word cloud?
How long did it take you to spot development?
Did you see potential?

I was, and continue to be, against this name change. As I argued in this post and this post, I believe ATD needs to have a name that reflects what its members do.

As far as I can tell, we think we are The Association of Learning and Performance.
And we believe our motto is People Helping Others.

What do you think about this word cloud?



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