Where Did Imagination Go?

(note: this is an old draft from about 2013 or so that I never posted)


When I was a kid, we took everyday objects and made them into toys. I grew up in a neighborhood with about 20 kids and we were all the same age range. You get that many kids together, and you can’t stop imagination!

For example:

  • Our record player became a pottery spinning wheel we used with our Play-Doh.
  • We played Star Trek using a chalkboard as the “main viewer”, and an old tape recorder as a tricorder.
  • The sidewalks became roads, and each driveway was a different business that we “drove” to on our Big Wheels, tricycles, and wagons.

And then we grew up. People told us to “stop dreaming” and “get with it”. And our imagination went away too. Where does imagination go when you grow out of it?

About Tricia Ransom

Patricia Ransom: wife, daughter, friend. Learning, laughing, living. Chicago, Illinois, downstate. Townie, urbanite, traveller. Note: The opinions expressed on this blog belong solely to me and should not be assumed to reflect the opinions of any of my employers past, current, or future.
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