Tricia and The Turkey

This post is created in the hope that you will learn from my hubris in thinking I could cook a Thanksgiving dinner. I facebooked my attempts as they were occuring.

Before we begin, some background about me and cooking is in order.

  1. I’ve been known to talk about the Faraway Mythical Land of Kitchen, and The Scary Forest of Supermarket.
  2. I’ve never cooked a turkey before. Or dressing. Or potatoes. Or gravy.
  3. I have four wine openers.

Now it’s time for you to sit back and relax, as I share with you the unvarnished truth as taken word-for-word from my Facebook page.

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Random Ransom Ramblings. Or, I Love Words

I’m sitting at my cube looking out of my window. Strange that I’m here, because today is the day after Thanksgiving (US), and my company is closed. But I like to come to work on weekends and holidays. It is quiet and calm and peaceful and restful.

I always come in with the intention of doing work. Really, I do! But since my cube is looking out a window at two huge pine trees, I spend a lot of time watching the squirrels, hummingbirds, and people. I have ADD, which means my mind jumps, just like this sentence.
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How I’m Dealing with Trump’s Win

This is an odd topic for my blog, which is focused mostly to Learning and Development. However, I wanted to share how I’m working through the fact that Donald Trump is going to be our next president.

I’ve had to take a day, and hours of 80s music, to process my thoughts about the election. Here they are:

The time for ranting is over. It’s done.

I did not want Trump to win, but he did. The people who voted for him are Americans, just as are the people who voted against him. Some of my friends are Trump supporters…no nasty comments.
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