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Couldn’t Have Said It Better Than This

Learning is an active choice of the learner, not you. Here is the original tweet by @arunzpradhan: https://twitter.com/arunzpradhan/status/964016648091942912

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Thoughts on Thought Leadership

About a month ago, I was in a chat hosted by TLDCast, and I made a comment along the lines of “I want thought leaders who are DO leaders.” I thought this thought on thought leaders was catchy, and maybe … Continue reading

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Gotta Stop to Start: What I learned Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Woo-hoo, I’m on a roll! 3 blog posts in 3 days! Ok, so what did I learn yesterday? I had a to-do list, and my goal was to focus on Single Focus (working on a single task at a time) … Continue reading

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Twitter and Training and Thoughts

So a classmate of mine just asked if he could interview me for a course. Of course I said yes – who doesn’t feel that oomph in your gut when someone flatters you enough to want to interview you?  So … Continue reading

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Social Media, Me, and the Way I Interact

So, I’ve been pretty immersed in Social Media, mainly Twitter, since this summer. At first I didn’t get it…no, not at all. It was too much – too much information, too many people, too much time. But after I learned … Continue reading

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