Thoughts on Thought Leadership


About a month ago, I was in a chat hosted by TLDCast, and I made a comment along the lines of “I want thought leaders who are DO leaders.” I thought this thought on thought leaders was catchy, and maybe I should blog about it, but, well, life and work and time got away from me.

In scanning my twitter feed today (you can find me @TriciaRansom), I saw this intriguing tweet by my friend Michelle Ockers:

A recent post by @ActivateLearn on thought leaders made me uncomfortable. Here’s why and how the perspective of @DrLizAlexander as interviewed by @tnvora helped me gain clarity

So, of course, I had to read the following:

And this is what I learned: “I want thought leaders who are DO leaders.” Or, to put it in the words of Dr. Liz Alexander: “Thought leadership, in order to have any value, must provoke meaningful change.”

Leadership of any kind is about action. What do you think?

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