Six Word Theme: The Association of Learning and Performance

This post is inspired by Brian Washburn’s post A Word Cloud from 147 L&D Professionals 6 Word Memoirs. To quote him directly:

The post itself featured 6-word memoirs from 25 L&D professionals and there were a dozen or so comments with additional memoirs. I also posted this particular blog in the ATD LinkedIn discussion forum where more than 100 other L&D professionals added their own brief memoirs.

Here’s the word cloud (I created it in the shape of an apple since we’re all teachers in one way, shape or form):


If you recall, Brian said he got responses from over 100 L&D professionals from the ATD LinkedIn Forum. On May 8, 2014, ASTD changed their name to ATD.


Can you find the word talent anywhere in the word cloud?
How long did it take you to spot development?
Did you see potential?

I was, and continue to be, against this name change. As I argued in this post and this post, I believe ATD needs to have a name that reflects what its members do.

As far as I can tell, we think we are The Association of Learning and Performance.
And we believe our motto is People Helping Others.

What do you think about this word cloud?



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Push Vs. Learning In 6 Words

Push Learning: medical degree

Pull Learning:


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My Forgotten Blog

I’ve had this blog since 2008, and yet I go months when I forget about it. Why? I tell myself that I’ve been too busy to post, or I don’t have anything to say. Anyone who knows me, knows that I ALWAYS have something to say.

Late at night, when it is quiet and still, and I can clearly hear my inner self, the answer comes. I’m afraid. What if no one will read it? What if too many people will read it? What if people won’t agree with me? What if ….? What if….

What if. This can be such a powerful phrase and yet such a paralyzing phrase. What if we do something differently? What if we dare to dream? What if no one likes me.

I have no wisdom to offer myself – goodness knows I wish I did. My only wisdom to Tree (my nickname, and hence the name of my blog) is that you are smart enough to listen to yourself, which means you are smart enough to do something.

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