Why Do I Blog?

I’m at The TLDC 2016 conference, sitting in a session facilitated by Shannon Tipton. This session is all about blogging. She asked, why does your organization blog? Or, if your organization did blog, what is the purpose?

Is it to help people to improve business writing? Share organizational knowledge? Develop solutions?

Now I’m pondering why I blog. I’ve had this blog for years. About 8 years. I’m not a dedicated blogger, and I may go over a year between posts.

Here is why I blog:

There are words and thoughts and ideas in my head that I have a primeval need to share.

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Why am I so happy?

I am at The TLDC16 conference and just listened to the keynote by Allison Rossett. Her speech was about happiness. And it got me thinking about myself. 
Most people who know me find me unrelentingly happy. But it hasn’t always been this way. In my late teens through my early thirties, I suffered from undiagnosed Clinical Depression. 
I bet you’re wondering how I go from there to the me I am today. It is because of my mom. 

We learned that I needed to smile until I made it. In other words, if I smiled enough, I found things to smile about. 

I learned that if I looked for humor in situations, I could make myself laugh. Instead of getting angry about poor service, I now rewrite the interaction as a scene from a sitcom. 

But the biggest impact on my happiness is my daily habit of listing everything for which I’m grateful. This gratitude habit changed my value system. I used to value what others had. Now I value wha I have. 
Happiness at work needed me to include one more factor. I had to learn who I am; what I want, and what I will not sacrifice even for a perfect job. 

Once you know how to make yourself happy, how to be happy at work, life becomes fun. Not easy, but fun. 

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Burlesque, Vaudeville, Follies

Do you know how burlesque, vaudeville, and the Ziegfeld Follies differ from each other?

This one minute clip from the movie Singing in the Rain explains the differences…without using a single word.

I challenge you to explain something in a course without using words. It’s hard, but when done right, it’s beautiful.

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