5 Months Gone

It’s been over 5 months since I last posted to my blog! During that time I’ve thought of it often, and I have a list of topics I want to write about. Yet, nothing. So I started thinking about this blog and my purpose for it.

A life of learning and learning of life. That’s my tag line, and in essence is the purpose for my blog. But the real reason I started it? To create a digital presence and to put my thoughts out there; it was hubris. But over time I’ve changed. Now it’s not about putting my thoughts out in cyberspace and seeing if anyone comments.

Instead, I look at my blog more as a record of my growth. Tree of Learning is my pencil marks on the door frame charting how I’ve grown and changed over the years.

As an adult growth isn’t always linear, and it isn’t always about getting larger. In fact, I think one of the defining characteristics of adulthood is realizing that less is more, and that paring down to simplicity is actual growth. I don’t know how much I’ve grown in the past 5 months, but I do know I’ve changed.

5 months ago I was a new recipient of a Master’s degree, and anxious to find a permanent full-time job. I was looking for a PhD program, and comfortable in my contract position with a great boss. I thought I had arrived professionally. But that was before I spent the summer taking an Improv class. It was before I realized there aren’t that many jobs out there. It was before I procrastinated and paralyzed myself on getting my thesis published. And it was before I took a good hard look at myself.

So here I am with 5 months gone. I’ve had new experiences and self-revelations. I’ve compromised between theory and reality, and I’ve started my re-focus on simplifying my life. Have I changed? Yes. Have I grown? I’ll know that the next time I make a blog posting and check the differences in my pencil markings on the door frame.

About Tricia Ransom

Patricia Ransom: wife, daughter, friend. Learning, laughing, living. Chicago, Illinois, downstate. Townie, urbanite, traveller. Note: The opinions expressed on this blog belong solely to me and should not be assumed to reflect the opinions of any of my employers past, current, or future.
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2 Responses to 5 Months Gone

  1. Judith Christian-Carter says:

    You are quite right, as we grow older less does indeed become more. However, based on your last post what I would like to see is more posts from you as you have a lot to give and a lot to share.
    More power to your pencil


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