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Sandbox Series: Shiny Toys!

Remember. Remember way back…remember back to September and October in your childhood. School had just started, there was no cable, the only kids programming was on Saturday morning from about 6 – 10 AM, and one of the highlights of … Continue reading

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A Marriage Kind of Love

I was on Twitter this morning, and found a tweet from @MarriageBeSaved: “Marriage is not a long date. It’s a partnership involving give-and-take and sacrifice.” I retweeted it and someone replied, “Sounds like a business deal, it’s about love?!” And … Continue reading

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The Sandbox: All I need to Know about L&D I Learned as a Kid

This past week has been filled with learning and education. I graduated, and then I spent three amazing days at the ASTD International Conference & Exposition here in Chicago. At the conference I absorbed the latest and greatest in Learning … Continue reading

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In Transition: Simplicity ain’t Simple!

I’ve learned simplicity ain’t simple. I’ve learned that I need time to find where I can simplify. I’ve learned that I’m just beginning this path. I’m constantly re-learning that I’m not on this path alone, and that I have to be flexible enough to include my husband on my journey – if he wants to go.

And I may find that my life is simple after all. Continue reading

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Collision of History, School, and Me

I wasn’t the best student in high school and things didn’t improve much in college; it took me 3 tries before I graduated….when I was 30. So when I told my parents that I was going to get my Master’s … Continue reading

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