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In Transition: Simplicity ain’t Simple!

I’ve learned simplicity ain’t simple. I’ve learned that I need time to find where I can simplify. I’ve learned that I’m just beginning this path. I’m constantly re-learning that I’m not on this path alone, and that I have to be flexible enough to include my husband on my journey – if he wants to go.

And I may find that my life is simple after all. Continue reading

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In Transition: Online Courses Aren’t Real School

I collect unemployment benefits which means that every two weeks I have to “certify” I’m still unemployed and that I’m still looking for work. This certification takes the form of answering a series of questions either online or over the … Continue reading

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In Transition: No is Not a Bad Word

My mom used to tell me, “Do every job you have to the best of your ability, even if you’re just a toilet cleaner. You never know when the CEO will walk into the bathroom and notice your efforts and … Continue reading

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