Mobile Informal Learning: Sis-in-Law Needs Help Please

Hi everyone,

My sister-in-law Allison…well, she and my brother divorced, but it was an amicable …is getting her PhD in Human Resource Development from the University of Illinois.

She’s at the dissertation stage, and interested in informal mobile learning in the workplace, and she needs your help. In her own words:

I want to do my dissertation on mobile learning. There are a lot of avenues to pursue, but right now I’m leaning toward mobile, informal learning in the workplace. Evaluation is an interest and it would be really cool to know how organizations are accessing / tracking formal and informal m-learning.
But here is the catch: I really don’t know that many people working for companies that are doing much in this area. If they have m-learning, it’s very limited and their focus is all formal (like a responsive course that also runs on tablets). You have a crazy big network of L&D people, so I’m wondering if you know anyone who is doing anything in this space. I’d like to talk to them just to see what kinds of things they are doing and what challenges they grapple with.
Do you know people that you can put me in touch with? I would be forever grateful.

Can you help Allison? Please?

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