Elearning Challenge 45: Recording Audio in Online Training

Each week, David Anderson of the Articulate elearning heroes posts a challenge. This week it is all about Audio in Online Training.

When we lived in Chicago, I made the most perfect recording studio….in our front closet. Coats absorbed the noise, and it was large enough for a desk, chair, and workspace.






Now that we’ve moved out to California, I record in the office with my most trusted microphone! My husband, James Watkins, took the pictures in the background. Here’s his website if you want to see the full scope of his talent: http://www.jimwatkinsphoto.com/4

About Tricia Ransom

Patricia Ransom: wife, daughter, friend. Learning, laughing, living. Chicago, Illinois, downstate. Townie, urbanite, traveller. Note: The opinions expressed on this blog belong solely to me and should not be assumed to reflect the opinions of any of my employers past, current, or future.
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8 Responses to Elearning Challenge 45: Recording Audio in Online Training

  1. Hey I’ve had a setup just like that, Tricia:-) Although I had to add a 6′ monitor extension cable so I could keep my workstation outside the closet.

    Your hubby’s photos are really great. I love his b/w Chicago photos.


    • Tricia Ransom says:

      I would tell Jimmy, “I’m going in the closet now….don’t bother me!”
      And isn’t he amazingly talented??!!??!! I’m so proud of him!!!


  2. That is awesome! (And wow do I wish I had a closet that big.) I recorded in my car this past spring based on recommendations from others. It worked great. Here’s to being creative!


    • Tricia Ransom says:

      Never thought of a car before. I have recorded in a hotel room under the scary germ-infested coverlet!


  3. I’m with Laura! I’d love to have an available closet that big to use. My dream is to have a dedicated soundproof recording studio, but since I don’t even have a closet space yet I’m not holding my breath. 🙂

    Love your husbands photos, too. They’re remarkable!


  4. Tricia Ransom says:

    Jackie, what you and Laura can’t see is that there is a whole separate closet inside that closet! In fact, we had too much closet space. 5 walk-ins, and the smallest kitchen imaginable.


  5. And now you live in the bay area…. Where you would be lucky to have an apartment as big as that closet!


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