Like a…TRICIA!

A friend of mine posted a link to this ad by Always called #LikeAGirl.

All my life I’ve heard “like a …”:

  • You throw like a girl.
  • You don’t swing a baseball bat like a girl.
  • You don’t talk like a black person.

Of course I throw like a girl. I am a girl. Some of us lob the ball. Some flip. Some throw like major league pitchers. We’re people.

Of course I talk like a black person. I am a black person. Some of us speak the Queen’s English. Some patois. Some Ebonics. Some even speak French and Spanish and Italian and Chinese and a whole bunch of other languages. We’re people.

It took me over half of my life to learn these life lessons:

  1. I like myself.
  2. I am me and that is a wonderful thing.
  3. I’m good enough. In fact, I’m a better me than anyone!
  4. I’m not different from everyone else, and I’m not the same as everyone else. And that’s a wonderful thing.

My mom always tells me and my brother that our birthdays are special because that’s when we entered the world.

Mom tells us that we make the world a better place simply because we are who we are. And you know what? She’s right.

Yes, I can always be a better person. However, at this very moment, I am who I need to be.

About Tricia Ransom

Patricia Ransom: wife, daughter, friend. Learning, laughing, living. Chicago, Illinois, downstate. Townie, urbanite, traveller. Note: The opinions expressed on this blog belong solely to me and should not be assumed to reflect the opinions of any of my employers past, current, or future.
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